Frequently Asked Questions

This is always a concern for parents when making choices for their children's schooling. Many believe that in-person teaching is clearly superior to the online experience. However, our observations and feedback from students have countered this narrative. Students in online classes experience more content with less distraction. They are comfortable with online learning, as they have grown up in a world of technology. Our teachers have even reported that the experience is more intimate in that students' faces are clearly displayed, and their attention can be monitored more directly. Students can't engage in playful banter as they might have during in-person classes, so that the focus is always on content and learning.

Students who have experienced online coursework with our program engage in multimedia education. Not only do they read and hear lectures as they have in a typical school: they also get to ask questions and explore interactive videos and content. This combination enhances learning, and allows teachers to answer questions using a variety of curricular tools.

Students who engage in online learning develop a level of responsibility and independence that will be appreciated in their future workplace as well. The freedom that an online learning platform provides actually develops personal responsibility. Students must take ownership of their learning, and this intrinsic approach helps students develop personal strategies that reflect their learning style and develop leadership and independence. This is valuable for their success in college and beyond.

Fairfax Global Academy is a fully accredited school. Our program has gone through a rigorous external review process by a nationally licensed third party. This process is the same one performed at public and private schools across the nation to insure high academic standards. We have studied, reviewed, and developed a program that meets or exceeds the standards of the local schools in our highly respected regional market.

We have made it part of our philosophy to provide as much 1-to-1 support as possible for our students and families. Although you might not be able to walk onto our campus, you will feel the care and support of our experienced academic learning team. Dr. Mathew Lee, the Headmaster of our school, has made it his personal mission to connect with and assist families in their endeavors, toward the goal of bringing you a personalized and unique experience. Many parents who work with our team report a warmth and care that is above and beyond their experience elsewhere. Public schools often take their role for granted; our goal and mission are to make you feel like family despite being 10 miles or 1,000 miles away from our office location.