FGA Online Education

FGA(Fairfax Global Academy) Online Education

Our school runs very similarly to a "brick and mortar" school--the only difference is that our classes are online. Online education is unique because we offer an education that moves beyond basic unguided self-study courses, to provide a unique online experience. We offer a real-time, live classroom that engages and enriches students.

Our program offers top-level course material and quality instruction, with hands-on support. In our classes, you will have a teacher who works with you and your classmates to create a classroom community, where you will have regular class discussions and opportunities to work in groups. We want to build relationships that last a lifetime, and together we will!

Online course work is more rigorous and more challenging than one might assume. Maintaining a mature and regular effort to develop independent work habits is crucial. Often, what might look like a quick assignment takes a lot of study. If you leave assignments until the last day of the week, you will likely not have time to hand in high quality work. Help yourself by planning and setting goals for due dates throughout the week.

Real-time online lectures (just like regular schools)

One of the stereotypes that we seek to change is the belief that online schooling is inadequate and a lesser experience than traditional schooling. Our program runs live classes with authentic human interactions. Students will engage with peers in class discussion, work in small groups as they have in the past, and have questions answered on the spot by trained professionals.

In order to succeed in our full-time structured school program, students must develop the necessary independence and process management that is typical in any high-quality school scenario. In fact, we believe that the independence students demonstrate online is an intrinsic model that moves beyond the watchful eye of a menacing teacher. Students in this program develop independence and confidence through developing good habits, while they are monitored gently by our administrative and academic faculty.