Application Process

Application Process

To join Fairfax Global Academy's full-time K-12 academic program, students will need to apply online and pay an application fee before formal approval. Once we've obtained your application, Fairfax Global Academy will review your documents and contact you via phone, email or mail depending on your preferred communication for the next steps in the process.

Students who are seeking individual course credits for transfer will need to get a Course Approval form signed by their guidance counselor from their current school. Once the program manager or school counselor has signed and approved the form, it is returned to Fairfax Global Academy for our records and for formal registration in the designated course.

After students have been accepted, they may enroll in formal classes and create a schedule for daily instruction. Enrollment start dates are at the beginning of the fall, spring, and summer semesters, each academic year. Students who wish to be considered for full-time enrollment in Fairfax Global Academy (in the event that we offer a cohort for online courses and graduation) must be in grades K-12, under the age of 21, and must desire a high school diploma or desire individual credits for specific courses.

Exceptions for enrollment can be made on an individual basis; we will coordinate with students transferring during the middle of a given quarter. In this instance, Fairfax Global Academy will calculate a mid-quarter grade assessment and apply this to the student's current quarter at our Academy. Students registering for individual credits must attend the course from its official start date.

Students should visit "Enrollment Requirements" to learn more about the application process, and to submit the student information form if they are interested in applying or registering at Fairfax Global Academy.